To whom it may concern,
I am new to this service. Tried 2-3 video for translation so far, I loved it.
I would love to share with you and request kindly for few thing to improve overall experience for other potential customers.
Please know that me writing this is spend time and energy into this. I could just walk away finding other service out there, but I really want you well for the better world.
First off, when I worked on fine-tuning AI based translated work, I could not say I enjoyed it. Because every 3 minutes, the webpage was refreshed. Every time it happened, I had to scroll down to where I was working on.
Last but not least, my target language is Korean but the system doesn't allow me to not selecting english language. Does this mean that every time I want to translate in Korean, I have to pay for English subtitles?
Thank you for your hardwork.