Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We’re excited to bring back a feature that you loved from V1: the ability to share files and folders directly from the table view! We heard your feedback, and we're thrilled to reintroduce it.
What’s Back:Collaboration is at the heart of our platform. With this feature back in action, you can collaborate with your team, clients, and partners. Sharing ideas, resources, and updates has never been quicker!
You now have the power to transfer ownership of your Workspace to another user! We believe in giving you control over your Workspace. Now, you can manage your teams and collaborations with ease, ensuring that the right people have the right access and responsibilities.
What’s New:
We've got a small yet significant update that’s bound to make your workflow even smoother: Batch Actions are now asynchronous!
What’s New:
We know you have diverse and demanding workflows, and we appreciate your valuable feedback. This improvement is our way of enhancing your experience, ensuring that your interactions with our platform are swift, hassle-free, and delightful. Your productivity matters, and we're here to support it!
Now, you can translate multiple files at once directly from your Dashboard!
What’s New:We're thrilled to empower you with this bulk translation capability. It's all about making your experience smoother, faster, and more efficient.
We have something incredibly exciting to share with you — our very first version of the App Marketplace is now live!
What’s New:Stay tuned for more updates, and keep those brilliant ideas coming. We can’t wait to see the amazing apps that will soon become a part of our vibrant ecosystem! ✨
Hello, Mobile Users! We're excited to bring you a sleek, new update that enhances your dashboard experience on the go.
What’s New:We're committed to making your mobile experience exceptional, and this update is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more exciting enhancements designed to cater to your needs and preferences.
Happy navigating!
We’re thrilled to announce a fantastic new feature: Presets v1! This marks the first step in our journey to enhance your Workspace customization experience.
Here's what you need to know about our latest launch:Coming Soon:
In the pipeline, we have exciting plans to expand the Presets feature. Soon, you can look forward to additional settings like Subtitle Styles, Human Guidelines, SDH Tags, and more! We're dedicated to providing you with a fully customizable Workspace tailored to your unique needs. Stay tuned for these exciting updates in the future!
Thank you for your continued support and feedback. Your insights drive our innovations, and we can’t wait to bring you more features to enhance your productivity.
Happy customizing! 💙
We've been hard at work expanding our horizons, and today, we're thrilled to introduce a bunch of fresh, new Human-made verticals that will take your experience to the next level!
What’s new:We're incredibly excited about these new additions, and we hope you are too. These fresh verticals and expanded pairs are all about giving you the tools you need to connect, communicate, and create in a global world.
We're back with some exciting updates to our translation feature that we're thrilled to share with you!
What’s New:We’re particularly excited about the enhanced coordination between our fantastic Scribes and you, our wonderful users. Less back-and-forth means faster, more accurate translations, and that will hopefully make everyone’s day a little bit better!
Enabling this setting in the Workspace preferences section to ensure that all users in your workspace receive email notifications regarding file status updates.
This new preference allows for streamlined communication and ensures that relevant file updates are promptly shared with the appropriate members of your workspace.
To access and modify this setting, navigate to the Settings&Members > Workspace tab:
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