🤝 Change in sharing feature
When sharing a file via URL, it is no longer possible to give editing permission to recipients who are not part of your organization. This means that recipients can only view the file but not make any edits to it.
This change was made to improve security and ensure that only authorized individuals can edit files.
If you want to give someone editing permission, you can invite them to your Organization.
🇨🇳 Translation to chinese simplified & traditional
We have expanded our translation language support to include both Chinese Simplified and Traditional. Previously, we only had Chinese Simplified available, but with this new update, you can now also translate your content into Chinese Traditional.
We use DeepL for our Chinese Simplified translations and Google Translate for Chinese Traditional translations, as DeepL only offers translation to Chinese Simplified at this time.
We believe that this expansion of our language support will improve the accessibility and usability of our platform for users who speak Chinese.
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📟 New status page available
We are excited to announce the launch of our new Status Page!
This is a website where you can find out whether our systems are working correctly. The best thing about it is that it updates automatically, so if there's an issue with our website or service, the status page will reflect that in real time. We can also manually add updates to keep you informed about how we're dealing with any incidents.
We believe that this new feature will enhance your experience and provide you with greater transparency and trust. You can access the page at
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💸 Moved billing concerns from the Owner to the Organization
Previously, a user owning two organizations couldn't have different credit cards for them, which could be a source of frustration.
With our new update, organizations owned by the same user are now completely independent from each other. They no longer share billing details, refills, Wallet, and other billing-related information.
This change allows users to have greater flexibility and control over their billing information, making it easier to manage their organizations and payment details. We believe that this will improve the user experience and provide a more seamless billing process for our users.
🧩 Jump to current word
This is a small but much-awaited improvement to our editor that allows you to easily go back to where your cursor is. With our new "Jump to Current Word" feature, you can automatically scroll to the active word in their text, making it easier to navigate through the transcription or subtitle file.
The button automatically appears whenever the active word is scrolled above or below the visible part of the text, and by clicking it, the editor automatically scrolls to show the word on the screen.
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👥 Permission explanation on 'invite membe and 'share'
This is a small but important user interface improvement to our platform. When inviting a member to a workspace or sharing a folder, you will now see a new permission selector that provides a more detailed explanation of each permission level.
Previously, we were only including the title of the permission. With this new update, you will have a better understanding of what each permission level entails, helping you make more informed decisions about your workspace and folder settings.
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🗣️ More supported languages for automatic translation
With this update, you automatically translate your transcriptions and captions into a wider range of languages.
Our automatic translation feature now supports over 100 languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Norwegian, and Catalan. We hope that this will help you reach a wider audience and make your content more accessible to people all around the world ✨
As always, we are committed to improving our platform and providing the best possible service to our users. We will continue to work on expanding our language support and improving the accuracy and efficiency of our automatic translation feature.
🌏 Language detection in the uploader
With this new feature, we can now warn users who upload files in the wrong language with a small warning message.
If there is a mismatch between the language selected and the detection, users will see a warning message. By clicking on "learn more," users can quickly fix the language selection. If the algorithm is not confident enough (>95%), no warning message will be shown.
Please note that there may be a small percentage of files (<1%) where the detection is incorrect, even if the confidence is high. However, we are continuously working to improve the accuracy of our language detection algorithm.
Additionally, due to technical limitations, language detection currently only runs on files smaller than 100MB (73% of the files).
We believe that this new feature will improve the accuracy and efficiency of our service, making it easier for you to upload and transcribe files in the correct language.
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📖 Vocabularies are now tied to the Workspaces
Previously, vocabularies belonged to the organization, which meant that any workspace within the organization would have the same vocabulary. With this new update, each workspace has its own unique vocabulary that can be edited and customized separately.
This change provides greater flexibility and customization options, allowing you to tailor your vocabulary to the specific needs of each workspace. We believe that this will improve the accuracy and consistency of transcriptions and translations, ultimately leading to a better user experience.
🔢 Redesigned Version History Page
We are excited to announce the launch of our redesigned Version History page. With this new update, we have revamped the layout and made it easier for you to keep track of the edits made to your file.
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