The previous workspace switcher has been replaced with a more contemporary and streamlined interface, resulting in a cleaner and more visually appealing dashboard.
This update provides a more intuitive experience, making it easier to navigate between workspaces and access the features you need.
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We are excited to announce a new feature that many of our users have been requesting: the ability to add inline timecodes every X seconds. With this feature, you can easily create transcribe with precise timing information.
To use this feature, simply choose the frequency at which you want to add timecodes (e.g. every 15 seconds) and we will automatically insert inline timecodes at the chosen intervals. This means that each paragraph will have a beginning timecode, followed by inline timecodes at the chosen frequency.
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We have added a new warning in the editor when we confidently detect a language mismatch between the chosen transcription language and the actual language spoken in the audio file.
A banner with a "Retranscript" button will allow you to retranscribe the file in the detected language. The retranscription process will not cost any additional automatic credits ✨
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We have added a new DELETE endpoint on the Happy Scribe API! This endpoint allows users to delete a transcription programmatically. This feature is especially useful for users that need to automate their workflow or manage large amounts of transcriptions.
As always, we strive to make our API as user-friendly as possible, and we believe that this new endpoint will be a valuable addition to the toolkit of our users. Check out our API documentation to learn more about this new feature!
With Video chapters, you can easily navigate through your videos and find the sections you need quickly and easily. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new feature!
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We have added the ability to download only highlighted sections of a transcription ✨
You can now select the option to download only the highlighted sections from the editor and dashboard download buttons.
Please note that this feature is only available for PDF, TXT, and Word document formats.
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We have added new playback speed options thanks to your feedback!
You can now choose from a wider range of speeds to ease transcription and help you with quick reviews of your files.
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We have made it easier for users to manage access for multiple users in an organization!
This feature allows users to add multiple domains in the settings, making it easier to manage access for multiple users in an organization.
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Thanks to our advanced algorithms, we can now provide more accurate and efficient transcriptions in these languages.
We understand the importance of quality and accuracy when it comes to transcriptions, which is why we are always working to improve our services. Our goal is to make sure our users receive the best possible results, no matter the language.
If you haven't already, give our improved Spanish and French automatic transcription a try!
Now, under Settings > Security, you can enable 2FA for your account. This feature is specifically for users who have not logged in using their Google account.
With 2FA, you'll have an additional layer of protection on your account, and you can rest assured that your sensitive information is secure.
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