We have something incredibly exciting to share with you — our very first version of the App Marketplace is now live!
What’s New:
  • App Marketplace debut
    : We’re thrilled to unveil the initial version of our App Marketplace! This marks the beginning of an exciting journey where you'll discover a world of powerful integrations tailored to your needs. From productivity boosters to creative tools, our app selection is set to transform your experience.
  • Interactive preview
    : While you won’t be able to set up any apps just yet (hold tight, they're coming!), you can explore our app lineup and express your interest! Want to be among the first to know when a specific app becomes available? Simply hit the “Notify Me” button. Have a brilliant app idea in mind? Share it with us via the “Submit Suggestions” feature. Your input matters!
Stay tuned for more updates, and keep those brilliant ideas coming. We can’t wait to see the amazing apps that will soon become a part of our vibrant ecosystem! ✨