We've got a small yet significant update that’s bound to make your workflow even smoother: Batch Actions are now asynchronous!
What’s New:
  • Asynchronous Batch Actions
    : Say goodbye to frozen screens! Now, when you perform batch actions like moving, deleting, or translating files, the UI won’t freeze while they're processing. Instead, you’ll see a handy notification with a loader, keeping you informed about the progress. Once the action is completed, you'll receive a confirmation. It's all about keeping your workflow uninterrupted and seamless!
  • Improved efficiency
    : This change ensures that your experience remains snappy, even when handling multiple files. No more waiting around—complete your tasks and keep working smoothly through your workday. It’s the small details that make a big difference!
We know you have diverse and demanding workflows, and we appreciate your valuable feedback. This improvement is our way of enhancing your experience, ensuring that your interactions with our platform are swift, hassle-free, and delightful. Your productivity matters, and we're here to support it!